“It's the role of a lifetime. ” 

- Frank

A brother and sister who have teamed up to scam others for quick and easy cash find themselves on the wrong side of the equation when they inadvertently cross the wrong guy. They're given ten days to collect the money they owe and come up with the idea to get it from a quirky billionaire (Tudyk) who is currently on a search for life's answers — and whose fortune is rumored to be somewhere on his own property. When the brother-and-sister scammers promise him a VIP meeting with God himself, that's when things start to get particularly complicated. Finding someone to play the creator of the universe is actually the easy part — and if anyone can believably play the role, it's Michael McKean in a three-piece suit. But what happens when this crew gets in over their heads?

(from collider.com)


Written & Directed by Scott Brignac

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